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Innovative Practices
In order to best protect confidential and other important data, the ODJFS website will no longer support several outdated web browsers. Effective December 5, Internet Explorer 6 or older, Opera 4 or older and Netscape Navigator will no longer work on ODJFS sites that are https-enabled. Individuals can download the most recent version of Internet Explorer here and the most recent version of Opera here.

We offer a resource page on Innovative Practices to assist local areas in improving efficiency and quality of service. These resources include best practices, replicable models, implementation plans, research documents, and data reports.  

Please feel free to take advantage of these documents we have gathered for you from across the nation. We evaluated documents with this review sheet.

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Document Source Description
Assessment (PDF) Oklahoma Central Oklahoma's WIB created a 57-page procedure on meeting state and federal performance reporting requirements. 
Assessment (Word) Iowa  Questions about personal information, pre- and post assessments, educational information, money, work, health, community support, family, housing, and transportation.
Assessment (PDF) Montana Assesses employment, education, and financial needs.
Application (PDF) Connecticut Capital Workforce's form identifies participation in concurrent programs and barriers to employment with a check-off list for the documents presented at enrollment.
Application (Word) Ohio The enrollment form covers enrollment, youth barriers, income status, common eligibility criteria, and contains a poverty guideline calculation worksheet.
Application (PDF) Minnesota Minnesota's application covers personal information, barriers, general information, education, work history, contact information, financial information, and signature lines.
Application (Word) California California's universal application documents contact information, program participation, selective service, race, family status, veteran status, educational level, and family income.
Barrier Attestation (PDF) Ohio Central Ohio's Workforce Investment Corporation created a youth self-attestation form identifying barriers a participant may face.
Income Attestation (PDF) Ohio Income Declaration Self-Attestation Letter inquires about 6-months' individual and family incomes.
Initial Assessment and Referral Form (Word) Learning Work Connection A form that summarizes the details and outcomes of the initial assessment.
Referral Form (Word) Connecticut Capital Workforce Partners developed a One-Stop referral form with participants' reading and math scores sent to service provider/agency. 
Release of Information (PDF) Connecticut Release and Consent of Information and Photograph form was created by Capital Workforce Partners and can be used for testimonial purposes. 
Statement of Understanding (PDF) Ohio A signed agreement stressing expectations when youth participate in a WIA program.
Suitability Checklist (PDF) Ohio Assesses suitability for WIA services
Verification Form (Word) Montana

Six-page Youth Verification Worksheet checklist is used for eligibility criteria, income verification, identifying barriers, and list of acceptable documentation.

Youth Eligibility Guide (Word) Learning Work Connection This tool can be used to document what was used for eligibility determination.
Employment Verification Form (PDF) California Used to verify placement in employment, education, and attainment of a degree, diploma, GED, or acceptable certificate at the time of initial placement
Exit Form - Youth (Excel) California Documents follow-up activities, attainment of employment, training and post-exit activities with supplemental employment data.
Exit Form (Excel) Montana The exit form records attainment of employment and training and post-exit activities.
Exit Form (Word) Wisconsin Wisconsin Bay Area Board created a 1-page document which records performance.
Outcome Determination Form (PDF)


Records the participant's outcome, job information, and data about support services
Follow-Up Contact Information Form (Excel) California To record follow-up activities, attainment of employment, training and post exit activities with a section to list supplemental employment data
Follow-Up Form (PDF) Minnesota Captures employment information, wages, job title, ONet code, and dates.
Follow-Up Form (Word) Montana Records simple information such as exit date, program name, participant's name and Social Security Number, activity code, and contact informantion with date.

Non-WIA Organization Information (Word)

Learning Work Connection Assists case managers with work experience programming.

Program Element Planning Guide (Word) 

Learning Work Connection Assists case managers with the identification of suitable program elements.

Proposal Planning Forms (Word)

Learning Work Connection Aids in the proposal development process.

Tutoring Progress Tracking Form (Word)

Learning Work Connection A tracking form to maintain progress of youth in tutoring activities.
Participant Guide (PDF) Minnesota An agreement between the City of Minneapolis Employment and Training Program (METP) and the youth which establishes ground rules
Participant Orientation Manual (Word)  Mississippi Manual used by South Delta Workforce Investment Area for their Student, Education, Leadership, Employment, Citizenship Training Program (SELECT) which establishes
guidelines of expectations in the classrooms. 
Job Readiness
Case Management Plan (Excel) Kansas This is a management placement plan which has customer information, placement services, and the placement plan. 
Job Search Plan (PDF) Ohio Signed by participant and career advisor to record planned and actual job searches. 
Weekly Job Search Log Connecticut

Records weekly job searches

Leadership (PDF) Effective Communities Project An 8-page model for community-based youth leadership development goals on developing skills to be an effective leader and stressing the importance of community involvement.
Leadership (Word) The National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability for Youth A brief describing how administrators and policy-makers can use the concepts of youth development and youth leadership to develop and administer programs.
Leadership (PDF) Partners Against Hate Partners Against Hate Peer Leadership Model presents the development of youth leadership.
Mentor/Mentee Agreement Forms (Word) Mississippi The 12-month agreement promotes professional development and personal growth goals. Includes evaluations for both parties. South Delta Workforce Investment Area
Mentoring Manual (PDF) EMT Group

The 14-page manual describes 10 recommended best practices for mentoring programs and how to develop an operations' manual.

Mentoring Training Guide (Word) South Delta Workforce Investment Area, Mississippi The 12-page mentor training guide focuses on developing an operations' manual for mentoring programs. 
On-the-Job Training (OJT)
On-the-Job Training Guidelines (PDF) Louisiana Jefferson Parrish establishes guidelines which assesses participants and how to process a reimbursement
On-the-Job Training Manual (PDF) Connecticut Capital Workforce presents the process used to place participants in employment opportunities. 
On-the-Job Training Policy (PDF) Wisconsin Fox Valley's Workforce Development System policy is on monitoring, compliance, modification, and record-keeping with examples of various forms.     
Youth Outreach (PDF) Ohio Office of Workforce Development and The Ohio State University collaborated on this resource titled "Focused Futures: Outreach, Recruitment, and Engagement" to assist in reaching out to the youth population.
Roles and Responsibilities of:
Administrative Entities (Word) Learning Work Connection To be used by stakeholders in youth systems to understand administrative roles.
Local Investment Boards (Word) Learning Work Connection To be used by stakeholders in youth systems to understand mandated roles of the WIB.
Local Youth Councils (Word) Learning Work Connection A self-assessment tool for local youth councils.
Service Providers (Word) Learning Work Connection A self-assessment tool for local providers.
Supportive Services
Supportive Services Policy (PDF) Oklahoma The East Central Workforce Investment Board's policy defines supportive services to youth program participants.
Supportive Services Policy (PDF) California San Bernardino County Workforce Investment Board's policy covers adults and dislocated workers.
Work Experience
Career Exploration Activities Planner (Word) Learning Work Connection A tool designed to assist case managers working with work experience programming.
Participant Orientation Manual (Word) Mississippi This manual defines the Work Experience component of the SELECT program by the Delta Workforce Investment Area.
Work Experience Manual (PDF) Minnesota Workforce Development's manual provides information on working conditions, employee benefits, and policies.
Workforce Site Agreement  (PDF) Connecticut The work site agreement between a contractor and a participant with time sheets.
Work Site Agreement        (PDF) Oklahoma Assurances and conditions of the work site are covered with a 16-point agreement. 
Work Site Employer Agreement (Word) Washington Southwest Washington Workforce Development Council's manual covers program operations.
Youth Council
Youth Council Toolkit U.S. Department of Labor Contains six modules to assist Youth Councils in their role in the guidance of youth policy.
Youth: Individual Service Strategy (ISS)
Individual Service Strategy (PDF) Minnesota Central Minnesota Jobs and Training Services' form addresses career interests and supportive needs.
Individual Service Strategy (PDF) California Los Angeles County's form is divided into a participant background, interests and skills inventory, track characteristics, goals, and a service plan.
Innovative Service Strategy (Word) New Hampshire A comprehensive document addressing youths' career interests and supportive needs
Individual Service Strategy (PDF) Ohio Northwest Ohio Job Center, Williams County's form covers goals and barriers for youth. 
Individual Service Strategy (and Objective Assessment) (PDF) Ohio Trumbull County's ISS form starts with basic skills, interest/aptitude, education, and work experience.
ISS Policy (PDF) Oklahoma East Central Workforce Investment Area's policy determines age-appropriate goals, work readiness skills, and objectives.
ISS Presentation (PPT) Florida Florida's power point presentation covers definitions of an Individual Service Strategy, its regulations, and policy.
Youth: Objective Assessment
Youth Objective Assessment (PDF) Ohio COWIC's objective assessment form.
Youth Objective Assessment (PDF) Missouri This form assesses work experience and employability. 
Youth: Toolkit for Case Managers
Toolkit for Youth Case Managers (PDF) U.S. Department of Labor This toolkit, titled "Improving Demand-Driven Services and Performance: Toolkit for Effective Front-line Services to Youth" has two main parts. The manual gives information about preparing the neediest youth to become more self-sufficient, and the modules deliver content in presentation slides, group exercises, and a training guide for the trainers. 

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